Who will be the next leader of VITOF?

21st Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 21: Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal (VITOF-Nepal )  is a nonprofit organization established with the main objective of promoting village tourism. The main goal of VITOF Nepal is to uplift the lifestyle of rural citizens and promote Nepal in foreign countries.

As VITOF has announced its General Meeting in July 31, a number of candidates have claimed position for the new leadership. Six candidates including 1 woman, 4 for General Secretary, and 1 for treasurer have given their names for the next leadership of VITOF.

Dhurba Simkhada, former First Vice-President of the organization, present Vice President Ram Ghale,  Second Vice-President Deepak Dahal, former General Secretary Rajkumar Thapa Magar, present General Secretary Basu Pandey, Secretary Jaspa Pandey and Nakul Devkota have claimed for the post of President.

whereas  the post of treasurer of the organization, Deepak Khanal, former member Ashutosh Pradhan, Working Committee Co-Treasurer Krishna Bahadur Subedi and Working Committee Member Kul Prasad Subedi has filed a claim for the post of General secretary. Similarly, Rajkumar Dhamala, the current working committee member of the forum, has been the claim for treasurer.

Dhurba Simkhada has promised to make VITOF has one of the best organizations and to invite city centered tourists to villages and he gave emphasis on promoting more new destinations. Likewise, Ram Ghale has claimed to make VITOF stronger in every sector. Similarly, Deepak Dahal has claimed to recognize VITOF as one of the main organization to make tourists visit accessible to every village. Also, Basu Pandey claimed to search new prospective of tourism promotion and to open new branch of VITOF in every province.