Why has the number of tourists returning without passing Thorang-La increased? Travelers return from Dharapani, Manang.

8th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Dec 08: The rate of tourists returning through Lamjung after climbing Manaslu Mountain, at the border of Lamjung-Gorkha, is on the rise. The tourists who enter through Gorkha to climb the Manaslu Mountain have begun to exit through Lamjung.

Most tourists who attempt to scale the 8163 meter mountain usually go on to visit the Thorang-La pass. In recent years, however, the rate of visitors who exit through Lamjung from Dharapani, Manang, without visiting Thorang-La pass has been on the rise, said Officer Basudev Neupane from the Khudi Tourism Information Center.

According to the Tourism Information Center, in the current year, around 5000 tourists have left the area through Lamjung. The past October, a total of 1451 tourists exited through Lamjung. Some tourists among them, however, entered through Lamjung to reach Manang.

Although it is permitted to go through Lamjung to climb the Manaslu Mountain, tourists usually don’t take the route. Although the way to Manaslu is shorter and easier through the route, the lack of promotion and awareness has prevented more tourists from visiting, said local businesses.