Wild Animal Conservation Centre established in International Zoo

29th Dec, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Dec 29 :Construction of wild animal conservation centre in Lekhnath, a place close to Pokhara which is popularly known as the city of tourism, and city of seven lakes, comes to last stage. While constructing international zoo project in Lekhnath municipality Pachvaiya conservation centre is established.


On the initiatives of local United Club Pokhara and with the participation of locals, along the construction of international zoo the wild animal conservation centre is built on 134 hectares of land belonging to community forests at the municipality wards-11, 12 and 13.

“About Rs 2.5 million has been spent in construction of Wild animal conservation centre” the club chairman and coordinator of the Pokhara International Zoo Construction Committee Himalaya Bakhrel said.

The credit to start the project goes to the club, which is saving up 20 percent of the total collections from the Pokhara Festival held by the club to promote tourism in Pokhara he added.

A wire net fence will be set up to separate wild animals in the park from direct contact with viewers.

Likewise, children's park, fishing pond, lake to operate boat and jungle safari, among others are main attraction of the zoo.

The area is home to 134 types of wild animals and birds, 361 types of vegetation and 175 types of forest medicinal herbs.

Zoo is 25 km far from Pokhara.