Wild water buffalo gives birth to baby calf in CNP

24th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

RATNANAGAR, Aug 24 : A week after a wild water buffalo gave birth to a female calf, the next wild water buffalo, known as Arna, has also given birth to a baby on Thursday in Chitwan National Park (CNP), officials confirmed.

According to the Senior Veterinary Doctor at the CNP, Kamal Ghaire, a male calf of the Arna was recovered from the wild water buffalo conserved location in the eastern belt of CNP at Padampur.

Earlier, a wild buffalo that was translocated to the CNP nearly two years ago had given birth to a female calf on 16 August. "Following the two-day long monitoring with the support from elephants, we found the second wild water buffalo giving birth to a baby calf," Ghaire narrated. He added that one more Arna is an aspiring mother and is expected to give birth to a baby within a month.

With the addition of new members of Arna, Director General of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Department Man Bahadur Khadka said that a huge success was achieved in the conservation of species after the birth of a male calf and shared his plan to add more Arna in the open place.

After the arrival of new member of Arna, the total number of wild water buffaloes in open space has reached 11 in CNP. Prior to this, six Arna lost their lives due to diseases and attacks of tigers, according to the officials of CNP.