Wildlife Crossings of Nepal safari park goes useless being incommodious for larger animals

25th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHARATPUR, Oct 25 : The wildlife crossings of Nepal’s Safari Park, the Chitwan National Park has gone incommodious for larger animals as the space to get through is inconsistent for larger mammals and animals like Elephant and Rhino.

The Chitwan National Park had constructed the crossings going under the road in investment of about 50 million rupees which measured four meters wide and five meters high.

Chief Conservation Officer Ramchandra Kandel said the park authority was not consulted when those wildlife crossings were built.

“The crossings that we have here do not ensure safe passage for animals crossing the highway. They are too narrow and low for adult elephants and rhinos. Even small animals have difficulty using the crossings because their decks are not levelled with the ground,” he said.

The CNP officials say that the park animals rarely use the wildlife crossings.

Engineer Shiva Khanal, refused the CNP authority’s claim that the underpass crossings were too small for larger animals and they were constructed without doing proper homework.

“We did consult with wildlife experts during the desigin process. Elephants and rhinos can easily move from those crossings. As for the decks not being levelled with the ground, we can readily fix the issue to facilitate the wildlife movement,” he said.