Wildlife decreases in Chitwan National Park

1st Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, Aug 01: 57 wild animals have died in Chitwan National Park and its surrounding areas in fiscal year 2073-2074. According to Chitwan National Park the animals have died due to difficulty in giving birth, injuries, fights and other reasons.

Last year in 2073-2074 around 26 rhino died among them 12 were male, 10 were female whereas the gender of others were difficult to identity. Due to the flood in July around 4 rhino died. Similarly, 6 Tiger, 7 buffalo, 1 Leopard and other animals also died.

In year 2073-2074 all together 47 animal died and the number of death have increased this year. According to Wildlife expert Naresh Subedi, the number of rhinos is decreasing and we have to do research in the increasing number of deaths of rhinos.  66 rhinos have died within past 3 years. Currently Chitwan national park had around 605 rhinos in previous statistics and now it has increased to 700.