Will we be able to build Darahara and Ranipokhari again?

25th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 25: Long ago Dharahara and Ranipokhari of Kathmandu were known as the heart of the city. The massive earthquake of 2015 affected the whole nation and destroyed some of our ancient structures. The reconstruction work of Dharahara and Ranipokhari was planned a long time ago but it has not been completed yet.

These sites are one of the major tourist destinations of the country but still government has not showed their attention to such important construction work. The construction of Ranipokhari is also stopped due to the debate between Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the city. Everyone is passing the responsibilities of construction. Everyone wants these to be re constructed but no one is there to take the responsibility of construction.  The construction work of the country is too slow due to which these places have remained unconstructed.

Dharahara was also planned to design by making museum, theater, water fountain and attractive garden but the plan has not been implemented. No one has estimation regarding the completion of the reconstruction work.