First Woman Sherpa Journalist to climb Mt Everest in 2018

9th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 09: From 1922, when mountaineering tourism started to flourish in Nepal, Sherpa people have been linked to the Himalayas. In 1953, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mt Everest for the first time. Similarly, mountaineering tourism has had influence in Nepal’s economy and in the lives of the local peoples of mountain area since the beginning.

Miss Doma Sherpa will be climbing Mt Everest in 2018 under the campaign "First Sherpa Female Journalist Expedition 2018". The aim of this expedition is to empower Nepali women journalists and Nepali women as a whole, to convince them that they have the capacity to climb even the highest peak, to promote Nepali mountaineering tourism nationally and internationally and increase media attention in this field.

In the press meet held for the campaign, Miss Doma Sherpa stated that when she climbs Mt Everest she would better understand the life condition of porters, guides and the local people of mountaineering areas because staying here in Kathmandu one can only guess things from surface level and believe news from second-hand source but if one narrates the stories based on one's own experience and views one will be able to recognize the problem from its core and hopefully solve it. Similarly, she added that she is climbing Mt Everest to empower women to overcome their fear and encourage them to be determined.