Women Leaders To Trek To Kalapaththar For Cause Of Climate Justice

24th Jan, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: Women in leadership roles in various walks of life are trekking to the Base Camp of Mt Everest to call global attention to the adverse impact of climate change.    

Twenty-seven eminent women from various sectors of society are participating in the march to the Everest Base Camp under the slogan- 'Women United for Climate Justice'.

The march will be launched on March 8, coinciding with International Women's Day. The trek will be started from Kathmandu and will take 12 days to reach Kalapaththar.   

To be undertaken in the coordination of an organization called Sath Sathai, the main goal of the trek is to highlight the impact of climate change in the Himalayan region and draw the world's attention to it as well as to advocate for climate justice for women.     

Moreover, the objective of this trek is to aware the women of the melting of snow in the Himalayan region due to climate change and to inform them about the climate adaptation and mitigation of climate change impacts.

The women's team will organize a special programme at Kalapaththar and also highlight the impact of climate change on women to draw national and global attention towards such issues, said Prajita Karki, Programme Coordinator of Sath Sathai.