X- Ray Machines stalled in Simara Airport

12th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 12  : X-ray machines have been established in Simara airport of Nepal’s southern plains district of Bara. Referring to the security management of Simara, Civil Aviation Authority office has set up X-ray machine to check passenger's luggage’s.

Inaugurating the x-ray machine Chief District officer of Bara Bijaya Narayan Manandhar said that the installation of X-ray machine will decrease the security worries of travelers who dominantly are Indian nationals.

He also acclaimed that the airport have connected the adjoining 5 districts along with easing the aviation service to Indian national to fly to capital Kathmandu and promised to make further improvement and development in the sector.

With the increased flow of Indian tourists the air traffic of the district also has increased simultaneously. Most of the Indians reaching the district of Bara prefers to travel by air than by the road ways because of the inconvenience and steppe bumps all over.

Now with the installation of the machine the passenger's goods can easily be scanned without opening their luggage with more convenience.

The head of airport Hirajan Kafle said that the airport is being more managed in the later time. The private air companies besides Buddha air said that now there are night flights also from Simara to the Capital and showing problem to fill the flight to Simara.

As per the information from the airport management the Buddha Air completes about 6 to 9 flights while other lesser than that with more complaints.