Yampanchak begins: Kaag Tihar

5th Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: Tihar also known as Deepawali is another very auspicious festival of Nepal after Dashain. Tihar most commonly is known as the festival of light is celebrated at around last week of October or first weeks of November. Tihar is the most happening festival of all Nepalese which is celebrated for five days.

This day is the first day of Tihar, Kaag Tihar is the official beginning of Tihar. On this auspicious day crows are worshipped by offering delicious foods. According to myth crows are said to be the messenger of god and they are worshipped so as they bring only good news to the family.

Crows are a very important part of the ecosystem as they help the farmers and others too.  This is the scientific reason of worshipping them. On this day they are served all good and fresh food and they are worshipped by various means.