Yeti to add an ATR to its fleet

21st Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 21: Nepal’s private sector aviation service provider, Yeti Airlines is set to add an ATR air craft to its fleet in an investment of about One billion rupees. Yeti Airlines is planning to add 72 seated French aircraft “ATR 7- 2500” series within next week.

At present the Airlines is using the 30 seated Britain made “Jet Stream- 41” series 6 aircrafts. A team from Yeti airlines now is in Singapore to bring on the new aircraft.

“The aircraft brought with the Singaporean Company which sales and rents the aircrafts, Nordic Aviation Capital will arrive in four days maximum estimated time,” Media Manager of Yeti Airlines said.

“We were in planning to bring in the aircraft on Wednesday but the delay in the completion of the paper work is sure to take time,” he added.

The private aviation service provider already has trained 16 pilots that will be required to operate the aircraft in Baku of Azerbaijan. Whereas they were provided the “Ground Class” in Kathmandu itself and the engineer has got the training form France.

The company has claimed that the arriving aircraft will be the youngest aircraft to operate in Nepali market and has made the intention to increase the flight number rather than adding a new destination and it is sure to compete with the Buddha Air as Buddha is the only air service provider which has the same configuration aircraft in Nepali market.

After the delivery of the new aircraft Yeti also is planning to add another plane of same configuration within a month.