Yomari Punhi celebration program being organized by Tourism student Forum Nepal

4th Dec, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Dec 04: Tourism Student Forum Nepal is going to organize Yomari Punhi: 1140, Pre celebration this Saturday. Yomari Punhi is being celebrated by the Newar community on 12th Dec 2019. This festival embarks the end of rice harvesting season during the full moon day of Thinla, the second lunar month of Nepal Sambat, in Nov/Dec. 

As the celebration is approaching near day by day, the Tourism Student Forum-Nepal whose main aim is to take initiation towards a sustainable future and also to integrate the tourism practicing and studying students in a common platform to promote and conserve the tourism destinations in Nepal, is planning to organize Yomari Punhi: 1140, Pre-Celebration this Saturday. 

According to Mr. Avhishek Aryal, the President of Tourism Student forum Nepal, Yomari Punhi: 1140, Pre-Celebration mainly focuses on community and facilitates tourists with some insights on the cultural values while providing the wonderful taste of Yomari, a Newa food, in an old Newa settlement of the Kathmandu valley, Janabahal. The event will be conducted at the premises of Seto Machindranath temple, located at Janabahal on 7th of December, 2019.  This event aims to promote the cultural practices of Newa community, encouraging Nepalese culture to manifest foremost, within Nepal. Also this program holds the objective of promoting Kathmandu valley as a destination having diverse attractions, and dismiss the misapprehension that Kathmandu valley has only 3 durbar squares and 3 holy sites to visit for a tourist. 

The purpose of the Yomari Food Festival is to bring awareness and a sense of belonging among our communities. The focal location for this event is Kathmandu because of its potential to bring local business owners, tourists and the residents together. The festival aims to promote cultural values and create a vibrant and engaging community atmosphere for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy, Said Aryal. 

The event coordinator, Ms Bijita Shakya, who is also the secretary-general of Tourism Student forum- Nepal said, “As a responsible community of tourism students, we believe it is necessary for us to create an impact in the society along with facilitating tourists with some insights on the historical attributes and cultural significance. While this will allow us to promote the rich culture of Nepal, it will also help in conservation process of festivals itself; which ultimately helps in positive impact of tourism over economy. Such events will support the sustainable initiative and also helps in promoting cultural tourism.”
The integrative approach of this festival is to, aware the general public about the cultural significance and the process of making Yomari, through a live demonstration of its preparation and cooking. The aim behind it all lays to aware the citizens about the core values of this beautiful day of celebration, Shakya added. 

The Yomari festival itself maintains a beautiful legacy of the Newa community that has been carried out since centuries. In the present context, the cultural values and significances are gradually getting marginalized and diminished because of the lack of awareness and cultural recognizance. The event mainly focuses on cultural factors. The celebration attempts to answer the emergence of Yomari Punhi, the significance of this sweet delicacy and the very process of making Yomari.