ZY Café: Serving the taste of Kolkota “Matka Chiya” in Nepal

17th Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

ZY café is a beautiful place that is located in the heart of Kathmandu, Basantapur. Enayat Shah is the young Nepali entrepreneur who established the café 2 years ago. ZY café consists of three varieties of tea and coffee.

The owner of the café was inspired with the taste of tea which he tasted in Kolkota. The owner of the café visited various places around the globe but his heart was always connected to his root, he returned to Nepal and decided to run his own café as he was searching for a better career option so he eventually returned back and established Zy cafe to introduce the unique taste of Kolkota “Chiya” in Nepal.

The owner has mainly focused on the Nepali customers rather than foreigners. He has also promised to introduce new varieties of tea’s and coffees. The mataka chai is now having become the most famous tea shop in Basantapur area. They are set to open new shops in different place of Kathmandu.

They provide unlimited sugar with the cup of tea or coffee. Whereas each cup of tea costs 50nrs, coffee 50nrs and 100 for drip coffee. The owner also tells that most of the people visiting this café are youngsters as authentic taste of Indian masala tea has become a local tea corner for many Nepalese people. Old people to children’s this tea has become people’s choice in every corner.

The place is designed much like an old Nepali shop also the matka chiya has been served then it is decorated in wall by the signature of the customers in mataka. The walls of the café are filled with the signed matakas. The owner adds that per day he sells 400 to 700 cups of coffee and tea. The customers gathered more at the evenings during the winter and enjoy the cup of tea or coffee with the gossips, talks, and happiness. Hence the shop opens at 9; 00 in the morning till 9:00 in the evening. However, the shop doesn’t sell any kind of eateries.

Text/Photo: Grishma Rajkarnikar