May 21, 2024

55,000 tourists entered Nepal in January

55,000 tourists entered Nepal in January

KATHMANDU, Feb 01: In first month of 2023, 55000 tourists have entered Nepal.

According to the statistics of the Nepal Tourism Board, 55 thousand 74 tourists from different countries entered in January.

According to the NTB, 16,436 tourists have come to Nepal the most from India. Similarly, 6561 tourists came from America, 3441 from Australia and 2468 from Bangladesh.

After the corona pandemic, there has not been a significant increase in the number of tourists visiting Nepal.

Before the pandemic, there were 81,273 tourists in January 2019 and 79,702 tourists in January 2020. Due to Corona, the number of tourists decreased to 8,874 in 2021.

In January 2022, 16,437 tourists came to Nepal.