May 21, 2024

Kathmandu Marriott organizes Japanese cooking course

Kathmandu Marriott organizes Japanese cooking course

KATHMANDU, Feb 02: Kathmandu Marriott organized a two day Japanese cooking course on Friday and Saturday last week. It was led by Chef Kyohei San from Japan. 

Chef Kyohei was inspired by his mother who was also a chef. He also focuses on the design aspect of cooking, while owning a fashion company. He believes cooking to be the perfect method of communication and believes in infusing food with love. He plans on being in Nepal for an extended collaboration with Marriott, and he even hinted that he might work on a Japanese style hotel/restaurant soon.

The event was done in two phases, with Friday being the veg course and Saturday being the non-veg course. It hosted various international guests, along with prominent chefs from hotels and restaurants in Kathmandu. The participants learned how to make various Japanese cuisines such as Japanese broth, Vegetables curry, Sushi, etc.