Jun 17, 2024

KMC opens Ranipokhari for general public

KMC opens Ranipokhari  for general public

KATHMANDU, March 24:Ranipokhari is now opened to the public for the first time since its reconstruction.

Navin Manandhar, a spokesperson for the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, stated that Ranipokhari is now open to the public following cleaning by the Metropolitan Police.

According to Manandhar, the general public can now visit Ranipokhari without purchasing a ticket. Following the reconstruction, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City took several steps to make it more accessible to the general public. Although it was officially opened on Wednesday, people began visiting Ranipokhari as of today, according to spokesperson Manandhar.

Ranipokhari was rebuilt and restored to its original appearance after being damaged by the earthquake of 2015 AD (2072 BS). Despite the fact that the National Reconstruction Authority handed over Ranipokhari to the metropolis on 23 December , 2021, (Poush 8, 2078), it was not open to the public. Ranipokhari became unsightly due to weed growth as a result of the long closure and lack of maintenance. According to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the Ranipokhari has now been cleaned and beautifully.