Jun 17, 2024

Banke hotels packages with discounts for tourism promotion

Banke hotels packages with discounts for tourism promotion

BANKE :Banke hoteliers have launched special discount packages to boost tourism for a month.

Bhim lal Kandel, the previous president of the Banke Hotel and Restaurant Business group and a central member of the group, stated that the businesspeople launched the package to attract religious tourists when the Mahaarti began a few months ago at the famed Shaktipith Bageshwori temple.

He informed me that the deal was only available for the month of May, but that after a few days, all of the hotels will publicize the package. "We'll review the results in a month and continue," he said. The package is claimed to have been announced to extend the stay of Indian visitors who come to participate in the Mahaarti.

Hotel Indreni in Nepalganj's Ganeshman Chowk has supplied two complimentary dinners to guests. Apsara Hotel on Bageshwari Hall Road is offering a 50% discount on hotel rooms. Swargadwari Hotel has stated that one supper will be provided for free, and Dangali Hotel has stated that two rooms will be provided for free.

Rang Bahadur Khadka, president of the hoteliers' association, stated that the package is merely the beginning for tourists and urged all hoteliers to announce it. He stated that the package was announced in accordance with the union's decision. Banke is home to almost three thousand hotels, both large and small.

The number of religious tourists increased once the Mahaarti began at Bageshwori temple. The package is claimed to have been brought to target devotees who visit the temple.