Apr 25, 2024

Nepal's Tourism Industry Welcomes NEAT's Grand Opening, Aims for Global Recognition

Nepal's Tourism Industry Welcomes NEAT's Grand Opening, Aims for Global Recognition

KATHMANDU, July 07:Nepal Ex-Army Amazing Top (N.E.A.T) Travels and Tourism Pvt. Ltd. proudly celebrated its opening ceremony on Thursday, 2080/03/21. The event aimed at promoting tourism in Nepal, with a special focus on the efforts of Mr. Kumar Bahadur KC, an ex-army officer, who, after more than 20 years of service in the Nepal army, now seeks to contribute to the growth of the tourism sector.


This auspicious event was graced by Mr. Subhas Kc, the CEO of N.E.A.T, who warmly welcomed Mr. Sakya as the guest of honor. Dr. Kc highlighted the company's vision for the future success of the tourism industry in Nepal and emphasized the importance of the occasion for N.E.A.T's growth and development.


The ceremony's highlight was a captivating speech by Karna Sakya, a renowned entrepreneur, Pioneer of the Tourism Industry, and founder of KGH Group. Acting as the Chief guest for the event, Mr. Sakya passionately underscored the significance of connecting the tourism industry with Nepal's traditions, culture, and emotions, while also promoting trekking and adventure tourism. "Tourists want to experience Nepal beyond mere compliments and appreciation; they want to connect with our traditional occasions, culture, and emotions," expressed Sakya during his inspiring speech.


The tourism industry wholeheartedly welcomed the establishment of Nepal Ex-Army Amazing Top (N.E.A.T), endorsing the sentiments expressed by Sakya. The industry aims to promote Nepal further and enhance the country's position on the list of the top 10 countries to visit. Nepal's tourism sector seeks to transition from being cost-based to becoming a value-based industry.


For Mr. Kumar Bahadur KC, this day marked the opening of something unique and unprecedented. He shared his personal experiences and growing interest in promoting tourism in Nepal, highlighting the exploration of yet unexplored places to raise awareness among tourists.


The event concluded with the presentation of an award to the guest speaker, Mr. Krishna Khandel, a renowned singer and social worker, by Mr. Karna Sakya. This marked the conclusion of the first opening ceremony of N.E.A.T, Travels, and Tours Pvt. Ltd.