Apr 25, 2024

Chandragiri Hills begins Monday Aarati at Bhaleshwor temple (Photo Feature)

Chandragiri Hills begins Monday Aarati at Bhaleshwor temple (Photo Feature)

In the auspicious month of Shrawan, Chandragiri Hills Limited has begun a special aarti ceremony today that will be performed every Monday at the Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple. Hundreds of religious followers braved the pouring rain to be a part of the first aarti of Shrawan on the temple premises.

The aarti, accompanied by religious songs and chants from the believers and the priests, began at 6:30 and transformed the temple into a serene and spiritual environment. The event is seen as a gateway for religious tourists from the local and international levels to be connected to the culture of Nepal. The cable car ride to the temple and the music playing on the speakers provide an outlet for the believers to be connected to nature and the spiritual world. This event is expected to promote religious tourism in Nepal while showcasing the various activities offered at Chandragiri Hills, such as amusement park, boutique resort, paragliding, zip flying, etc.

It is the belief that the blessings of Lord Shiva, are thought to be bestowed upon devotees who worship him on Monday with heart and devotion throughout the month of Shravan. In Shravan, worshipping Shiva is said to dispel the adverse effects of malefic planets like Rahu Ketu, Saturn, and other planetary doshas, assisting one in achieving significant physical, mental, and spiritual development. The custom of worshipping

Shiva during Shrawan was started according to the legend that Shiva drank the ‘Halahala’ poison to save humanity.

The event was attended by officials from the Nepal Tourism Board along with various other dignitaries and religious visitors.

Photo: A P Tolang