Apr 25, 2024

Nepal Tea Collective: Elevating Nepal's Tea Culture to New Heights

Nepal Tea Collective: Elevating Nepal's Tea Culture to New Heights

KATHMANDU:Nepali tea is not your average cup of tea. It's more like a journey through the majestic Himalayan Mountains, where every sip brings you closer to the footsteps of Mount Everest. And now, you can have a taste of Nepal's finest tea right at your doorstep, thanks to Nepal Tea Collective.

Based in New York and Kathmandu, Nepal Tea Collective is a public benefit corporation led by first and second-generation tea producers from Nepal. Their mission is to source loose-leaf organic teas directly from small-holder, sustainable farms in Nepal and distribute the freshest, packed-at-origin orthodox Nepali teas worldwide. What sets Nepal Tea Collective apart is its transparent direct-to-consumer model that bolsters community building between farmers and tea lovers.

Since 2016, Nepal Tea Collective has been on a mission to disrupt the outdated and exploitative supply chains dominating the tea industry. They have revolutionized the way Nepali tea farmers connect with global buyers, slashing the long supply chains of middlemen that keep farmers earning less than $2 a day. By directly connecting farmers to buyers, Nepal Tea Collective ensures that farmers receive fair compensation for their high-quality teas.

In 2017, Nishchal Banskota launched a groundbreaking Kickstarter campaign, garnering support from almost 500 backers and successfully completing one of the biggest crowdfunding campaigns in the organic tea industry. This campaign helped bring to life some of the most amazing products and unique immersive tea tourism packages offered by Nepal Tea Collective. In 2021, Pratik Rijal, a third-generation Nepali tea producer, joined Nepal Tea Collective as a co-founder, bringing a wealth of experience in dealing with numbers and managing logistics.

Nepal Tea Collective is proud to announce its expansion into the Nepali market today. While they have been distributing their tea worldwide, they want to bring their offerings to the tea lovers of Nepal. Despite being renowned globally for their richness and rarity of flavors, many Nepali tea connoisseurs have yet to experience the best teas their own country has to offer. The goal is to elevate the tea scene in Nepal and encourage Nepali tea lovers to appreciate the taste of their own teas.

Co-founder Nishchal Banskota emphasizes the premium quality of their teas, stating,“Our loose-leaf teas and organic blends have won 12 international awards, a testament to their premium quality. Having been featured in New York Times and Forbes, we have been able to build a Nepali tea identity and trusting relationships with international buyers.” Nepal Tea Collective has successfully built a Nepali tea identity and established trusting relationships with international buyers, as they have been featured in prestigious publications such as the New York Times and Forbes.

Co-founder Amigo Khadka highlights the need to expand the tea culture in Nepal, stating, “We want to connect with Nepali tea-drinkers in this same way. Our culture is saturated with CTC teas, and many Nepalis are missing out on the sheer range and quality of Nepali orthodox teas. It’s time we elevate the tea-scene in Nepal and learn to appreciate the taste of our own teas. After all, tea for us Nepalis is what scotch is for the Scots, what wine is for the French, and what chocolates are for the Swiss.” 

For Nepali tea drinkers, this is an opportunity to explore a wide variety of black, white, green, and oolong teas, as well as herbal blends, offered by Nepal Tea Collective. From award-winning black teas like Kanchanjangha Noir (Himalayan Sunrise) and Kumari Gold to rare black teas grown and produced in Solukhumbu, known as Top of the World teas, and award-winning white teas like White Prakash, Nepal Tea Collective offers a unique and diverse selection of teas.

In addition to their exceptional teas, Nepal Tea Collective also invites tea enthusiasts to indulge in tea tourism and tea-tasting experiences. These experiences provide the opportunity to get familiar with Nepal's world-renowned tea masters and tea-makers while savoring the refined flavors of Nepali Orthodox tea.

For those who are eager to test and refine their tea palate, or simply want to replace their sweet milk tea with deeper, fresher flavors of loose-leaf teas, Nepal Tea Collective's teas are now available to order online on Daraz or through their websites: https://nepalteacollective.com/ and https://nepalteacollective.com.np/ 

Nepal Tea Collective invites you to embark on a delightful journey through the flavors and aromas of Nepali Tea. Elevate your tea-drinking experience to new heights!