May 23, 2024

Himalaya Jet, Infosys ink agreement

Himalaya Jet, Infosys ink agreement

KATHMANDU, Aug 24:The international airline company Himalaya Jet, which is set to operate flights from London soon, has signed an agreement worth 40 million pounds or Rs 6.64 billion with Infosys for 'digital transformation'.

Dipendra Gurung, a British businessman of Nepali origin, and operator of the airline company has announced the signing of an agreement with Infosys for the digital transformation of the company.

The company is valued at 1.67 billion pounds or over Rs 2.67 trillion. 

The airline based at London's Heathrow airport, had also announced to start regular flights worldwide from the third quarter of 2023. Himalaya Jet, which will soon be operating from London, will also conduct flights to Nepal gradually.

Himalaya Jet, an international long-haul airline company, is going to operate flights to Nepal from London and Manchester, Paris, and Frankfurt from next September among other destinations through its fleet of 18 wide-body aircraft.

In the first phase, the company had called for the recruitment of 55 captains, 55 co-pilots a dozen high-level executive officers, and about 2,500 additional employees.

The company had issued a public notice to recruit about 2,500 employees to work at 30 international airports in different countries. 

The airline company has prepared to fly 'premium' direct flights to Nepal, India, America, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and other long-distance destinations.