Jun 15, 2024

'City guide' for tourists to Panauti

'City guide' for tourists to Panauti

KATHMANDU, Nov 28:City guides are going to help the tourists who come to visit Panauti in Kavrepalanchok.

Panauti Tourism Development Center has taken the required steps to prepare a city guide to assist tourists in understanding the significance, historical, religious, and cultural features of this location.

To generate personnel, 22 local residents were given a five-day training on the City Guide. At the completion of the training, Ramsharan Bhandari, the head of Panauti Municipality, stated that they plan to arrange a city guide to help tourists find tourism attractions.

'The city guide will tell travelers about the historical, social, and cultural aspects here,' he explained, adding that 'the city guide will conduct the work, including dealing with tourists, marketing the tourism area, and preparing for its expansion.'

According to Bhandari, tourists from all over the world play an essential role in maintaining and developing our art, culture, temples, and natural heritage. He stated that, while numerous master plans for tourism promotion have been developed in the municipality, they are only at the policy-making level, but city guide training has been implemented.

The training's trainer, social activist Anil Chitrakar, stated that there is a lot of potential in tourism in Nepal and that if tourists can be assisted, they will be delighted, which will help in the promotion of the tourism sector. "The young generation must work hard with conscience and intelligence to enrich their place" , he said, adding that "the youth participating in the current training will be able to contribute to the field of tourism."

Purushottam Karmacharya, the center's president, stated that the youth have been guided to generate a source of income by raising their consciousness of their place. He believes that if tourists who visit Panauti can work with amenities, cooperation and collaboration, they may promote their destination while also earning money. He informed us that, for the convenience of tourists visiting Panauti, a 'Panauti heritage passport' will be issued soon.

The participants were trained by Social Activist Anil Chitrakar and Sunil Pandey, Head of Nuwakot Durbar Memorial Area Conservation Care.