May 24, 2024

Kandara Live Concert in Pokhara held on January 12

Kandara Live Concert in Pokhara held on January 12

POKHARA, Jan 11:Kandara's live concert will take place in Pokhara. The Pokhara Tourism Council will organize the Kandara live concert. A musical concert is scheduled for Friday at the Pokhara Exhibition Center.

According to this, a press conference held on Wednesday said that all preparations for the program, which will take place at the Pokhara Exhibition Center on January 12th, had been  completed.

Pomnarayan Shrestha, head of the Pokhara Tourism Council, announced that the musical campaign with the slogan 'Pahila Ghar Desh Ani Pardesh' will reach all seven provinces of Nepal. After Pokhara, we will visit other cities. The scheme has been designed to benefit the country's tourism industry, notably Pokhara," he stated.

Kandara's singer, Bibek Shrestha, stated that the band will perform more than a dozen songs over the course of two hours. Sunil Thapa, Hari Maharjan, Dev Lama, Sundar Maharjan, and Pankaj Jha will lend him their support.

Singer Shrestha returns to Nepal after 21 years away. He announced that he will now work for the country. He visited various nations. "But I've never found anywhere as beautiful as Nepal," he added. 

VIP tickets for the Pokhara live concert cost 1000 rupees, while regular admission tickets cost 300 rupees. The organizing committee anticipates 10,000 spectators attending the event.