Apr 20, 2024

Dunhuang silk paintings of Chinese Huayan Temple make exclusive debut in Nepal

Dunhuang silk paintings of Chinese Huayan Temple make exclusive debut in Nepal

KATHMANDU, Jan 23:The overseas tour exhibition of Dunhuang silk paintings collected by Huayan Temple in China was unveiled in Nepali capital Kathmandu.

This exhibition that displayed more than 30 exquisite Dunhuang silk paintings attracted many Nepalese visitors including the artists and painters. The event was inaugurated by Nepali Professor Dr Jagat Prasad Upadhyay, former member secretary of Nepal Academy. 

The paintings were collected by Huayan Temple for many years and restored to their original state from the British Museum in the UK and the Guimet Museum in France.

Huayan Temple in Chongqing was built in the Tang Dynasty. It has a history of thousands of years, and has very rich cultural heritage, being one of the most popular temples.

Dunhuang silk paintings are regarded as treasures of ancient Chinese painting art and are famous for their exquisite lines, rich colors and unique artistic style. This batch of paintings demonstrate the diversity and richness of Dunhuang murals, allowing Nepali audiences to appreciate the charm of rich Dunhuang art.

From Dunhuang to Nepal, these silk paintings have witnessed the changes of thousands of years and conveyed the breadth and depth of Chinese civilization. The exhibition includes silk paintings from various historical periods, from bright colors to delicate lines, with each work reflecting a perfect combination of art and history.

The appearance of Dunhuang silk paintings in Nepal is not only an international display of Chinese traditional culture, but also provides the Nepali people with an opportunity to experience Chinese traditional art up close.

The exhibition was held under Chongqing Huayan Foreign Cultural Exchange Center. On the occasion, Dr. Chen Wanqing introduced the history and story behind each silk painting to Nepalese art lovers.

On the occasion, Monk Dao Jian, the abbot of Huayan Temple in Chongqing, China, remarked, "Thank you to Nepali friends for loving Chinese culture. The exhibition promoted the excellent culture of the Chinese nation and also built a bridge for cultural exchanges between China and Nepal. I hope that more Nepali friends will understand and Love Dunhuang art. We will work harder to contribute to the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture.

The Nepali art enthusiasts were amazed by the exhibition and shared that the exhibition provided a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture. They also expressed hope to witness more similar events in the future.

The exhibition was hosted by the Nepal National Tourism Administration, Chongqing Huayan Temple, and jointly organized by Beijing Assistance Huanyu Economic and Cultural Exchange Center and Chongqing Cizhou Cultural Communication. Besides Nepal, it will also go to tour exhibitions in Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Finland, Norway and other places.