Apr 20, 2024

Hyatt announces Nepal's first Hyatt Centric Hotel

Hyatt announces Nepal's first Hyatt Centric Hotel

KATHMANDU, Jan 23:Hyatt Hotel Corporation and City Hotel Limited have announced the rebranding of Hyatt Place Kathmandu in Kathmandu, as 'Hyatt Centric'. 

Hyatt Centric is believed to have upgraded its amenities, including an organized entrance, sky bar, and lounge area. It is planned that more amenities for guests to visit and watch would be available near the hotel, including a number of World Heritage-listed tourist attractions. 

"The hotel in the center of Kathmandu is enough to support the guests, and when the first Hyatt Centric hotel opens in Nepal, our portfolio in South and West Asia will be strengthened," said Dhruv Rathore, Hyatt's vice president of India and Southwest. Akshay Golyan, executive director of City Hotel Limited, stated that "Hyatt Centric" will be presented as an appropriate choice to match the customers' expectations and demands. 

Varun Talwar, the hotel's general manager, stated that the rebranding has strengthened the company's position as a top hotel in Kathmandu. He said the hotel is committed to providing guests with a unique experience.