Apr 20, 2024

Govt implemented new provisions for traveling overseas on a visit visa

Govt implemented new provisions for traveling overseas on a visit visa

KATHMANDU, Jan 24:The Department of Immigration has released the paperwork required for Nepali people traveling overseas on visit and tourist visas beginning Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the Immigration issued a travel advisory via its website and provided the necessary documentation in six points.

Effective Wednesday, visitors traveling overseas on a visit visa must have a passport with a six-month validity and a valid visa for countries other than those providing on-arrival visas, as well as two-way plane tickets, hotel reservations, and proof of exchanging USD500.

If the traveler is staying with a relative, no hotel reservation is required. Instead, such travelers should submit a document that reveals their relationship with the relative.

It is said that while visiting UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia on a visit visa, self-declaration should be done according to Schedule 2 and the burden of proof of the details therein will be on the concerned person.

Immigration has also stated that people traveling on a visit visa must self-certify that they will return home on schedule.

Before traveling abroad, the department has recommended that visitors be provided with general information about the language, culture, and laws of the destination country.

The Department of Immigration has recommended that people be aware that bogus documents and false information are being used to get visit visas, which then get trapped in conflict-affected countries.

It has been requested not to participate because it is illegal and against the national interest to join the army or armed groups of other countries, with the exception of those who join the Indian and British armies with the government's approval, and it will be difficult to rescue those who go for such work.