May 24, 2024

STEAN demands eight points to the Minister of Tourism

STEAN demands eight points to the Minister of Tourism

KATHMANDU, Feb 20:The Sherpa Tourism Entrepreneur Association of Nepal (STEAN) submitted an eight-point demand to Sudan Kiranti, Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, including the creation of a respectful living environment for Nepal's Sherpas.

The president of the STEAN, Pemba Sherpa Sangam, demanded that the Nepalese government prioritize infrastructure development to attract millions of tourists, increase investment in organic agriculture, and provide special tax and interest breaks to business owners.

Similarly, the STEAN has demanded free education and employment opportunities for mountain climbers' children, the inclusion of organic farming methods in the curriculum, the government's operation of helicopters for emergency rescue, and the elimination of the increased climbing fee.

During the Gyalpo Losar special event in the capital, President Sherpa made a written demand to Minister Kiranti. Sangam, President  of the STEAN, stated that the organization would take the initiative to spread the tale of the heroic Sherpa around the world.