May 29, 2024

Power interruptions in tourist areas of Namche and Khumjung

Power interruptions in tourist areas of Namche and Khumjung

SOLUKHUMBU, Feb 22:Electricity service has been affected in the Namche and Khumjung districts of Solukhumbu, a popular tourist destination. The electrical service was suspended when the Khumbu electrical Company's high-tension and subterranean lines were damaged by falling trees caused by a windstorm on February 5. This has also posed complications for domestic and foreign tourists who travel to the Namche and Khumjung districts to climb Mount Everest.

According to data from the Tourist Police Office Namche, approximately 100 foreign tourists arrive in Khumbu each day. At the moment, telephone service in the area has been disrupted, as has ATM service, according to Kavin Rai, police inspector at Namche's area police office. Because most foreigners rely on ATMs for cash, tourist merchants have stated that there is a problem when the ATM becomes inoperable due to a power outage.

Police inspector Rai stated that because there is no electricity in Namche, even visitors who visit the area are in difficulties. The District Police Office Namche has stated that because all services rely on electricity, operations will be disrupted as soon as there is no power. "There is a problem because there is a lot of reporting work in the district," he added. "Our communication service is also blocked, there is no electricity and we can't charge mobile phones, so we have to go to Lukla, which is a day's walk away, to report in the district." .

Assistant Chief District Officer Saroj Aryal stated that, while they have maintained vigilance because Namche is a destination that attracts international tourists, there is an issue with a lack of energy in the area. He states that the problem is that the ground freezes due to the cold, and the wires fracture and break.