May 26, 2024

Bharatpur is a city with high potential for tourism growth. UML Chair Oli

Bharatpur is a city with high potential for tourism growth. UML Chair Oli

CHITWAN, March 02:KP Sharma Oli, Chairman of the Nepal Communist Party UML and former Prime Minister, has stated that Bharatpur has enormous potential for tourism development.

Chairman Oli remarked during the opening ceremony of Bharatpur Visit Year 2024, which took place on the banks of the Narayani River on Friday, that Bharatpur is a magnificent blend of tribals who have migrated from all parts of the country.

Chairman Oli stated, 'Chitwan is a city with huge tourism potential.' He emphasized that, realizing the enormous potential for tourism here, he has begun a waterway plan to connect Bengal via Narayani and Koshi.

He stated that the private sector is now developing infrastructure for water tourism in Narayani and other rivers in accordance with the same concept. Chairman Oli stated that because Chitwan is connected to the East-West and Hulaki highways, it has a lot of potential.

He stated that as prime minister, he contributed to the advancement of the assembly hall, 6-lane road, and postal road for Bharatpur's development.

He stated that with infrastructure development in Bharatpur, a center for agriculture, education, and health may be established, and the university here will be able to guide the agricultural sector.

Chairman Oli stated that he and his party are always dedicated to promoting local development.