May 26, 2024

Bharatpur visit year 2024 will help with religious tourism of Devghat in Tanahun

Bharatpur visit  year 2024 will help with religious tourism of Devghat in Tanahun

CHITWAN, March 02:The Bharatpur visit year 2024, which Bharatpur Metropolitan City began on Friday, will benefit religious tourism at Devghat in Tanahun. The visit year is expected to assist promote religious tourism in Devghat, which shares a border with the metropolitan city.

Til Bahadur Thapa, the mayor of Devghat Rural Municipality, stated that the Bharatpur visit year benefits not only the city but also the tourism development of nearby municipalities. He stated, "Religious tourism should be propagated and promoted here by creating an environment that brings tourists from Bharatpur to Devghat, and we will cooperate."

He stated that Devghat will be equally crucial in making the Bharatpur visit a success. Bharatpur Metropolis urged that the seven adjoining local levels support the tour year. Devghat of Tanahun, which borders Bharatpur, Gaindakot of Nawalpur, Ichchakamana Rural Municipality of Chitwan, Kalika Municipality, Ratnanagar Municipality, and Madi Municipality were all formally invited.

According to Mayor Thapa, the Devghat Rural Municipality will perform cultural dances from the local Majhi, Bote, Magar, Gurung, and Kumal communities, as well as Gurukul's Batuk and Brahmin hymns, to welcome visitors to Bharatpur this year.

mayor Thapa stated that if at least 40% of the guests who visit Bharatpur during the Bharatpur visit year are taken to Devghat, Devghat will receive greater publicity and business will be boosted.

He stated, 'The Bharatpur visit year will also benefit religious tourism in Devghat, and Devghat will contribute to the success of the visit year.'

Renu Dahal, the Metropolitan City's chief executive, stated that the Bharatpur Visit Year will benefit not just Bharatpur's tourism and prosperity, but also the bordering districts.

The Metropolitan City has also added Devghat on its list of tourism spots. Chakraborty Temple in Devghat, Galeshwar Ashram, Mahesh Sannyas Ashram, Harihar Sannyas Ashram, Beni Sangamsthal, Sita Cave, Devpur Community Homestay, Gopitar Community Homestay, Khaalte Community Homestay, Kota Rangshala, Chharchhare Waterfall, Ghantachuli, Pyauligathi, Sinchanggathi, Paluraj Temple, Sita Cave, Buddhist monasteries, and other tourist attractions.