May 27, 2024

Bandipur Cable Car to organize a religious ceremony to consecrate Lord Shiva's idol

Bandipur Cable Car to organize a religious ceremony to consecrate Lord Shiva's idol

KATHMANDU, March 03:On the occasion of Maha Shivratri, Bandipur Cable Car and Tourism will organize a religious ceremony at Bandipur's Bottom Station to consecrate Lord Shiva's idol. The celebration featured devotional songs and Shiva chants, resulting in a joyous atmosphere for both believers and locals. Beyond its religious significance, the event sought to promote togetherness, harmony, and shared spirituality across many cultures.

The company also anticipates that this program will draw people from many communities because it is more than just a religious program; it is also a means of uniting the community, instilling a sense of oneness and spirituality.

Similarly, the company presented its financial plans, allocating NPR 2.55 billion with a 12% estimated return. The company intends to issue 30.60 lakh shares at NPR 100 apiece, which it will distribute to local investors, non-resident Nepalis, collective investment funds, and corporate personnel. According to the company secretary, the remaining shares will be available for public purchase, with an initial public offering (IPO) aiming to raise NPR 30.60 crore.

He further stated that preparations for the Bandipur Cablecar's operation beginning on the first of Baisakh in 2081 are well underway. The company states that 90 percent of the project's construction has been finished and that it is the original project in South Asia. Shiva Prasad Sharma, the company's financial director, stated that the project will cost 3.58 billion rupees, with a bank loan of 1.3 billion rupees.