May 29, 2024

IGI Prudential Insurance held its 26th AGM

IGI Prudential Insurance held its 26th AGM

KATHMANDU: The 26th Annual General Meeting of IGI Prudential Insurance Limited was held in Kathmandu on March 3, 2024. 

During the general meeting, the chairman, Mr. Hem Raj Dhakal, welcomed all shareholders and dignitaries and stated that they have been offering quality services to establish a distinct identity in the Nepali insurance market.

Former IME General Insurance Ltd and Prudential Insurance Company Ltd. completed the insurance sector's shortest merger on May 10, 2023, and successfully conducted integrated business under the name IGI Prudential Insurance Ltd. The Securities Board, Company Registrar's Office, Nepal Stock Exchange Limited, CDS Cleared Limited, domestic and foreign reinsurance companies, reinsurance brokers, auditors, and journalists have all been thanked. 

To keep the country's total economic activity moving, Chairman Mr. Hem Raj Dhakaljee stated that there is significant potential for Nepal's development in the domains of highways, hydropower, agriculture, tourism, and information technology. And if foreign investment is specifically encouraged, jobs will be produced within the country, putting the country on the path to economic prosperity, he stated in the assembly.