May 27, 2024

Nepal's government appointed a global tourism promoter

Nepal's government appointed a global tourism promoter

KATHMANDU, March 12:Hit Bahadur Tamang, Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, has directed tourism promoters to actively work for the country's benefit and tourism promotion.

Minister Tamang handed out the appointment letter, identity card, and national flag to the newly appointed tourism promoter, asking him to help promote tourism and attract more foreign investment.

He emphasized that promoters play an essential role and bear responsibility for promoting tourism in the country and asked them to work in the best interests of the country and its people.

On February 25th, the minister appointed 29 promoters to promote Nepalese tourism in other countries.

Somnath Sapkota, the promoter's authorized representative in the United Kingdom, stated that he will carry out his duties properly while keeping the country's best interests in mind.

Tourism ambassadors previously appointed in various countries to promote Nepalese tourism have been appointed as tourist promoters by the ministry.

According to the ministry, they were nominated by a ministerial decision made under the first amendment to the Tourism Promotion Procedures 2079 of the Good Governance Management and Operation Procedures, 2064.