May 29, 2024

NADA's 26-point suggestion to Transport Minister Raghubir Mahaseth

NADA's 26-point suggestion to Transport Minister Raghubir Mahaseth

KATHMANDU:NADA representatives met with Raghuveer Mahaseth, the Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport.

On Thursday, a group led by NADA President Karan Chaudhary met with Minister Mahaseth to discuss a variety of concerns.

During the meeting and discussion, Chairman Choudhary presented 26 NADA suggestions for the ministry and requested that they be addressed and resolved properly. NADA has offered ideas on 26 issues, including road upkeep, vehicle taxation, license distribution, vehicle classification, and required embossed number plates.

The NADA has expressed its judgment that two-wheelers are essential vehicles. Similarly, it has been suggested that the vehicle tax system be implemented immediately after the vehicles have been put on the road, that the registration procedure for automobile companies be expedited, that the vehicle tax be paid online, and that a special desk be set up for vehicle imports.

NADA proposes that receipts be uniform, that motorcycle riders wear helmets, and that two-wheelers be classed. Along with this, it has been proposed to expedite the process of awarding green stickers to high-end automobiles.

The NADA has also urged that the existing paucity of parking space be addressed. NADA has urged that the government adopt measures to provide charge stations and provide electric vehicles.

NADA has also advised that the government give drivers with the appropriate training and employment in vehicle workshops. NADA has presented a proposal to Minister Mahaseth for the import of cement-mixer working trucks as well as the construction of an international exposition site.

NADA Secretary Bikram Sinhania, who participated in the debate, gave a presentation on these topics.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Transport Minister Mahaseth stated that embossed number plates can be given depending on the vehicle's licence plate. He stated that there are issues at the state level and that proposals should be made to the state government directly.

He also stated that the relevant ward offices will give automobile parking facilities. He emphasized that all required efforts will be done in response to NADA's advice, with a particular focus on providing facilities to service users.

Ministry Secretary Keshav Kumar Sharma and other department officials, as well as NADA Senior Vice President Akash Golchha and Vice President Rajan Babu Shrestha, were present during the debate.