May 29, 2024

Machhapuchchhre Bank's Global Money Week Campaign in all provinces

Machhapuchchhre Bank's Global Money Week Campaign in all provinces

KATHMANDU:Machhapuchhre Bank concluded the programs for 'Global Money Week-2024' through its branch offices in all seven provinces. The event, which is celebrated around the world every year to promote financial literacy, was also observed this year.

It was held from March 18 to 24 with the original slogan 'Protect Your Money, Secure Your Future'.

The bank collaborated with local schools, colleges, and organizations in all seven provinces to arrange interaction programs for students, women, and older persons at various levels.

During that period, the bank taught basic banking knowledge, the importance of financial literacy, the process of preparing personal and family budgets for financial arrangements, how to improve saving habits, digital services provided by banks, awareness to be adopted while using digital services, various loans provided by banks, and remittances. Topics covered in detail included unlawful hundi trade and its negative consequences, the clean note policy, and how to conserve notes.

Since 2012, Global Money Week has been held in March to promote financial literacy and awareness among youth and children.