May 27, 2024

Citizens Bank conducts free health camps

Citizens Bank conducts free health camps

KATHMANDU:Citizens Bank International Limited has held free health camps in celebration of its forthcoming 17th anniversary.

The bank, which planned to commemorate its anniversary on the seventh of Baisakh, held a free health camp on Saturday. The bank arranged a free health camp at the initiative of the Sukkhad branch of Sudurpaschim province and the Kapan branch of Bagmati province.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the bank collaborated with the local CS Hospital in Ghodaghodi Municipality, 8 Amphanta Kailali, to provide free health checks and medicines.

Similarly, the Kapan branch in Bagmati province's Kathmandu district successfully organized a health camp in collaboration with specialist doctors and health workers from the Naples Society of Community Medicine.

The event included a Saraswatinagar circumambulation rally as well as courses on noncommunicable diseases and mental health. In addition, patients received mental health counseling and screening, including blood pressure and diabetes tests. Approximately 350 persons received health treatments at these health camps.

As part of its corporate social responsibility program, the bank intends to hold similar health camps at additional provincial branches in the near future.

This bank, which has consistently provided assistance in the domains of social, economic, cultural, and educational development, stated that it intends to run a variety of initiatives in the coming days to effect good change in other significant ways.

Citizens Bank International serves 1.743 million customers through its 190 branches, 153 ATMs, and 98 branchless banking units located around the country.