Jun 15, 2024

Nepal SBI Bank to issue Nepal SBI Debenture-2090

Nepal SBI Bank to issue Nepal SBI Debenture-2090

KATHMANDU:Nepal SBI Bank Limited will issue "Nepal SBI Debenture-2090" worth three billion rupees.  Nabil Investment Banking Limited has been appointed as the bank's debenture sales manager. For this, the bank and Nabil Investment Banking have signed an agreement.

The deal was signed between Nepal SBI Bank Limited's Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Rajesh Kumar Panda, and Nabil Investment Banking Limited's CEO, Manish Narayan Joshi.

According to the bank, the debenture would be issued  following approval from all regulatory organizations, including the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) and the Company Registrar's Office.

The bank has been providing its services through 97 branches, 22 extension counters, seven regional offices, and one corporate office as well as 121 ATMs.