May 23, 2024

NexGen Management will host a gathering of young new promoters tomorrow

NexGen Management will host a gathering of young new promoters tomorrow

KATHMANDU:NexGen Management Solutions will conduct a gathering of young innovators on the 8th of Baisakh. A ceremony celebrating New Year 2081 will be held at Anand Bhumi Business Center in Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

Every year, tens of millions of young people migrate abroad in quest of work. Many things can be accomplished with a minimal investment in the country. However, the absence of proper counsel and accessible financing from government agencies and financial institutions is preventing the country from creating a working environment.

 Even if there is skill, ambition, and desire, young people will choose to move abroad. NexGen Management has said in a statement that it will gather young innovators to encourage them and create a climate conducive to doing business in such a difficult situation.

It is stated that young people's company concepts would be presented, discussed, and coordinated with bank financial institutions in order to build and operate feasible projects.

NexGen Management Solutions was founded to provide property management and professional consultancy. Following the meeting on the 8th of Baisakh, NexGen stated in a statement that it will hold frequent discussions with newly promoted entrepreneurs and implement a program to allow them to stay and work in the nation.