Jun 15, 2024

Over 31,000 foreign tourists visit Ghodepani last year

Over 31,000 foreign tourists visit Ghodepani last year

MYAGDI, April 21: More than 31,000 foreign tourists explored the Ghodepani-Poon Hill area of Annapurna rural municipality-6 in Myagdi district in 2080 BS.

As per records from the Tourist Police Post in Ghodepani, a total of 31,439 foreign tourists visited the area within the year.

While the Post maintains records of foreign tourists entering and leaving Ghodepani, data for domestic tourists is not recorded.

Senior Head Constable Tek Bahadur Sunari Magar of the Ghodepani Police Post reported that 25,279 tourists entered the Ghodepani-Poon Hill area, while 6,160 tourists used Ghodepani as a transit point to other destinations last year.

The month of Chait saw the highest number of foreign tourists visiting Ghodepani, with 5,849 arrivals.

Additionally, 4,414 tourists visited in Baishakh, 1,281 in Jeth, 441 in Asar, 947 in Saun, 972 in Bhadau, 4,298 in Asoj, 4,357 in Kartik, 3,199 in Mangsir, 1,627 in Push, 1,577 in Magh, and 2,477 in Falgun.

In the preceding year 2079 BS, 26,301 foreign tourists had visited Ghodepani. Juli Thakuri Pun, Vice-Chairperson of the Ghodepani Area Improvement Committee and a hotel entrepreneur, expressed optimism about the increasing number of tourists, which has raised hope among hotel entrepreneurs.

She noted that domestic tourist arrivals have also increased due to favorable weather and school vacations.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 60,000 to 70,000 tourists used to visit Ghodepani annually.

Ghodepani is a popular destination for tourists who come to witness the sunrise and enjoy panoramic views of the Guranse jungle and surrounding mountains from Poon Hill, situated at an altitude of 3,210 meters above sea level.

The area boasts 27 small and large hotels.

To enter the Poon Hill area, domestic tourists are charged Rs 50, while foreign tourists are charged Rs 150.

From Poon Hill, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Dhaulagiri, Sisne, Gurja, Manapathi, Nilgiri, Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Manaslu mountains.