Jun 15, 2024

Everest climbers will be appointed as tourism promoters

Everest climbers will be appointed as tourism promoters

KATHMANDU, May 21:The government plans to appoint Everest climbers as tourism promoters. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation is preparing to nominate a tourism promoter in honor of the 71st International Everest Day.

The Tourism Promotion Branch of the Ministry issued a notice on Sunday, requesting that interested Everest climbers who meet the criteria submit an application to the Tourism Promotion Branch within seven days, as part of the program for the appointment of tourism promotion. Tourism promotion will be appointed in locations other than the country/province/city where the appointment is made. 

According to Anil Kirati, Deputy Secretary of the Tourism Promotion Branch, climbers who break new records by conquering Mount Everest would be recruited as tourism boosters. Deputy Secretary Kirati stated that, in addition to the 29 previously appointed country and city promoters, Mount Everest climbers will be appointed as tourism promoters. The Ministry of Tourism (Ministerial Decision of 13th Falgun 2080) selected 29 people as tourist promoters to promote Nepal's tourism internationally.

Tourism promoters must be Nepalese, non-resident Nepalese, or foreign nationals above the age of 21. The condition is that they should have been in the tourism-related industry and profession for at least 7 years and achieved recognition, or they should have goodwill and interest in Nepal, be able to promote Nepal's tourism, and have gained national or international fame.

According to the notice, Everest climbers who volunteer to spread Nepal's natural, historical, cultural, archeological, and biological heritage, as well as sports and entertainment potential on a global scale, will be appointed as tourism promoters, promoting Nepal as an attractive, scenic, and safe tourist destination in the world tourism market.