Jun 15, 2024

National Life honored 80 agents

National Life honored 80 agents

KATHMANDU:National Life Insurance Company Limited has honored around 80 agents from Koshi and Madhes provinces who were designated as National Ratnas under the National Award. They were honored during a function in Itahari presided over by CEO Suresh Prasad Khatri.

During the occasion, the National Award-winning agents were presented with National Life Logo silver medals and certificates. On that occasion, Chief Executive Officer Khatri stated that more investment was made to make the agent network more technologically advanced and professional, that the motivational development of the agent group, which is critical to the company's business growth, was prioritized, and that a timely incentive plan was implemented.

He informed us that, in accordance with the company's plan to honor the agents who will be selected in the National Ratna at the state level, the award program has begun with the actors of Koshi and Madhes provinces, and the rest of the agents from other provinces will be honored shortly.